Sunday, May 29, 2011

Toy Recommendations

Here are some toys you might want to try with your cats.
The toys are called...

  • Jingly toy
  • String
  • Balls with tinsel on the outside,
  • Catnip mice (they are not real mice)
  • magic carpet (you attach a string to a towel and than pull it around. The cat will attack the towel!)
  • catnip spray (you spray a toy with it, and if the cat likes catnip they will LOVE it!)
  • catnip squares
  • catnip squares inside of a ball that has holes all over it
  • Little tiny catnip mice that are different colors
  • They like bags, baskets, boxes, and blanket caves (all for sleeping)
  • feathers on a stick
  • and of course, another cat is the perfect toy!

Hope this gives you some ideas of what to play with your cat!

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